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What are the age groups for the Diamond League?

U8 – 7 a side
U9 – 7 a side
U10 – 9 a side
U11 – 9 a side
U12 – 9 a side
U13 – 9 a side

What is the cost?

$77 per player

How many games does each team play?

Due to the unique way the tournament is set up, teams will play two to three games per day. We can’t confirm the number just yet – but we will do all we can to ensure players and spectators have opportunities to take advantage of the surrounding area.

How many players are in a team?
This will be the format:
U8 / U9 –  7v7

U10 / U11 / U12 – 9v9

U13 – 9v9

How many days does the tournament go for?

The tournament goes for three days.

How long are the games?

 20 or 15 minute halves. Depending on the number of games per day.

How many teams are in each age group?

Maximum 20 teams per age group.

I want my team to be a part of this! How do I register?

It’s super easy? Just click ‘Register’ on the home page!

Will teams play opponents of the same calibre?

Where possible we will  run grading games for the first day of the tournament. Alternatively we will work closely with your club to ensure quaility competition.

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