Kingscliff Tournament – June 29th 3:00pm

Football Far North Coast and NSW Health Directions

Recent Safety Measures that have been put in place by FFNC Board of Directors

Distribution to ALL FFNC Member Clubs & Match Officials

FFNC Board of Directors

Various interested parties


Good evening everyone,


The NSW Government has imposed the following requirement effective NOW (i.e from 6pm tonight, Saturday 26 June);

“Masks will be compulsory in all indoor non-residential settings, including workplaces, and at organised outdoor events;”

This means that ALL PERSONS other than (1) Players while they are participating (including being on the field of play or in the Technical Area) and (2) Match Officials while they are officiating.

ALL other persons, including spectators, canteen workers, volunteers (in any capacity), players watching matches prior to or after their match are required to wear masks.

Players and Team Officials are required to adhere to the specified socially distance minimum of 1.5m between each person.

Individuals who otherwise attend matches are required to adhere to the specified socially distance minimum of 1.5m between each person (based on NSW Health protocol).

Clubs are not expected to supply masks for people who attend the club venue.

Clubs are however strongly urged to monitor attendees at club venues and make it known that masks are now compulsory to be worn (as outlined above) and FFNC recommends that clubs commence the process of sharing this information on social networks and further, asks that people who are not absolutely required to attend a venue, stay away.


CRITICALLY, we make it known that each individual is obliged to take personal responsibility in complying with the directions of the NSW Government. It is however important that each member club does what it can reasonably do to highlight the conditions that apply. A gentle request should be made for any person who is not wearing a mask…to do so…and if they refuse, they should be politely asked to leave the venue.


All information on the media release can be found here: NSW Government


NNSWF will provide any relevant information to FFNC and I will in turn forward to member clubs as appropriate.


There is not yet any direction made known about training or any other football activities.


If you believe that you need to contact me directly, please do so, however the information disclosed above is ALL that I am aware of at this time.


STAY SAFE everyone!!

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