The Magic Group is committed to providing an environment that is free from bullying. We understand that bullying has the potential to result in serious negative consequences for an individual’s health and wellbeing, and all forms of bullying is regarded by the Governing Bodies as unacceptable in this sport.

 This event is sanction by the Sports Governing body and is governed by the policies that can be found on the links provided.

Football Australia Member Protection Policy

Section 5.9   Bullying

Bullying is characterised by repeated, unreasonable behaviour directed at a person or group of persons that creates a risk to health and safety. Bullying behaviour is that which a reasonable person in the circumstances would expect to victimise, humiliate, threaten, degrade, offend or intimidate a person. Bullying behaviour can include actions of an individual or a group.

Whilst characterised by repeated behaviours, one-off instances can amount to bullying.

The following types of behaviour, where repeated or occupying as part of a pattern of behaviour, would be considered bullying:

·      verbal abuse including shouting, swearing, teasing, making belittling remarks or persistent unjustified criticism;

·      excluding or isolating a group or person;

·      spreading malicious rumours; or

·      psychological harassment such as intimidation.


Bullying includes cyber-bullying which occurs through the use of technology. Given the emergence of new telephone and internet social networks, the opportunity for unwanted and improper comments and statements has dramatically increased. Messages or statements made in these ways using these means of communication are largely instantaneous, and can easily be abused. Others may also manipulate a person by encouraging a statement to be made on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn, for example, when the writer may be upset or vulnerable. Bullying has the potential to cause great anxiety and distress to the person who has been the target of any comments or statements. In some cases, bullying is regarded as a criminal offence punishable by imprisonment, amongst other things. Frustration at a referee, network channels, but rather by way of reasoned and logical verbal and written statements and where appropriate, complaints, to the relevant controlling Competition Administrator, Club, District Association or Member Federation.

If a person believes they are being, or have been, bullied by another person or organization bound by this Policy, he or she may make a complaint. Please refer to our complaints procedure outlined in the Football Australia – National Member Protection policy.

Guilty parties may be suspended or ejected from the Tournament and possibly future Magic Group Tournaments with no refund.